Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Call Forward

Forward your calls when your battery is discharged. Last Call Forward monitors your battery level, and if it drops bellow the defined level, it'll forward your calls to another phone. Ideal for people that constantly forget to charge their phone.

Setting up is pretty straight forward - you need to enter "call forward on" code, and "call forward off" code. You need to obtain these from your carrier, and they generally are constructed like this:

For GSM:
Call forward on code: *21*[phone_number]#
Call forward off code: ##21#

For some North America operators:
Call forward on code: *72[phone_number]
Call forward off code: *73

For Sprint Nextel cellphone company:
Call forward on code: *72[phone number]
Call forward off code: *720

There are various type of call forward codes, but since it's assumed that there is no battery left on your device, you only need the "forward all calls" code. There is a test button next to each field in the application. You can use it to test if the call forward codes are working.

Please email me at if there are any problems, and I'll do my best to fix them.


Q: Why does Last Call Forward want permission to DIRECTLY CALL PHONE NUMBERS?
A: Call forwarding is done by dialing a MMI code. The code looks like *21*[phone_number]#, and is dialed like a regular phone number.


2015-08-28 v.0.3 - Removed advertising, new licensing scheme (current users get free license).

2013-01-03 v.0.2.2 - Fixed a bug related to the in-app billing for the advanced options.

2012-11-25 v.0.2.1 - Fixed a bug related to the sms notifications.

2012-11-25 v.0.1.5 - Added option to send sms message when the calls are forwarded. Fixed a bug for displaying the lowest battery level detected.

2012-01-12 v.0.1.4 - Fixed a bug for Android 4.0 that prevented the application to work properly.

2011-12-27 v.0.1.3 - Added bootup support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This means that the app will automatically start on phone restart (so you won't forget to start it).

2011-10-14 v.0.1.2 - Changed program logic. Now the call forward is turned on when the battery level reaches below or is equal to the predefined level. Up till now forward was turned on when the level was below the predefined level (which lead some people to think it's not working).

2011-10-14 v.0.1.1 - Turned off debugging.